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Sycons Ltd. was founded by private individuals in 1990. It is an enterprise owned entirely by Hungarian citizens. Initially our main role was to supervise the construction of high-standard residential buildings in this country, and – in the field of civil engineering - to build utility lines, using trenchless construction methods abroad (Lybia, Kuwait). We have had other, mainly advisory tasks as well, related to surface soil stabilization.

Besides management tasks we slowly began to take active part in construction, and since 1992 we are contracting residential buildings on turn-key basis. Trade publications often commented favorably on homes constructed by our company and our buildings have been awarded with the title „Home of the Year” several times.

After our success in architectural engineering, we had an opportunity to apply state of the art technologies for trenchless (No-Dig) reconstruction of utility lines.

We have had our own patent for the construction technology of deep-drilled drainage systems since March 2001, which provides a unique solution for the stabilization of water triggered landslide susceptible areas.

We are proud that we search continuously for innovative solutions, based on well-proven methods in the field of geotechnical engineering. The construction of METRO line 4 in Budapest had been the previous years’ most challenging task. We managed to acquire references worth noting with soil anchoring, and with a method for constructing protective shell-support for tunnels, based on our old pipe-jacking technology.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Pipe-jacking
  • Micropiles for foundation reinforcement
  • Stabilization of landslide susceptible areas
    • Stabilization of landslide susceptible areas
    • Dewatering of slurry-reservoires (ore mining industry)
  • Slope stabilization with engineering structures
    • Soil anchoring
    • Construction of reinforced-soil retaining walls
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Utility reconstruction / rehabilitation
    • Pipe bursting
    • Pipe relining
    • Foam concrete grouting
  • Dewatering
    • Vacuum-supported
    • Wellpoint dewatering
    • Deep well dewatering
    • Deep-drilled gravity drainage systems


  • Providing our clients with perfect solutions for their greatest problems.
  • Taking active part in the development of solutions for specific problems, even at the planning stage. Providing A-Z solutions, using our own experiences, or with the help of our partners when needed.
  • Versatile, economical and high-quality execution of accepted assignments.

Our company – as a company performing special geotechnical jobs – considers being a member of different professional organizations important so helping in their work by providing professional and financial support.

We are taking part in the work of organizations listed below:

  • HSTT – Hungarian Society for Trenchless Technology
  • Association of Hungarian Water-well Diggers

Our professionals are members of the following associations – including those listed above:

  • ISTT – International Society for Trenchless Technology
  • Chamber of Hungarian Engineers
  • Hungarian Association for Hydrology

We consider it important to support our educational facilities both in a professional and financial way. The support of civil organizations and foundations is also a task of fundamental importance.

We provided support for the organization listed below in previous years:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics