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Archoring, nailing

The Sycons Ltd. deals with the construction of rigid-core drilled/grouted soil anchors, which are applicable appropriately to the following cases:

  • A much cheaper, slightly faster method for supporting excavated steep slopes and embankments than retaining walls, or conventional shoring, guaranteeing the required safety under construction period as well.
  • Useful for shoring large trenches, instead of using cutoff walls or diaphragm walls for the same purpose.
  • Can make jetcrete surfaces unnecessary, when used for bar mesh and geotextile-supported soil nailing.
  • Useful for increasing the load bearing capacity and safety of retaining-, cutoff- or diaphragm walls, which are subject to overload or movements.
  • They can be loaded quickly when installed inside structures as micropiles.

Circumstances for application:

Soil anchors with rigid cores (steel bars) can be drilled through any non-metallic, non-wooden building material, including reinforced concrete.

With fast construction it is possible to produce loadable soil anchors in a 24-hour time frame, if necessary.

Short technological walkthrough:

Soil anchors are drilled with continuous cement slurry flushing. Cement slurry is pumped inside the borehole through the central hole of the steel bars. The high-pressure fluid (cemnt slurry) cuts the soil, supports the borehole wall and delivers the cuttings outside. The so-called anchor head is formed during grouting, when cement grout is injected into the completed borehole, at even higher pressure.

When using adequately treated rigid steel bars, a life-span of 120 years can be guaranteed.

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