Horizontal directed drilling

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Horizontal directed drilling

A fast and effective, trenchless construction method for installing new utility pipes. A very favorable choice when installing hard polyethylene pipelines under frequented roads or railroads, making traffic detours unnecessary.

As a first step of the horizontal directed drilling, a pilot drilling is conducted. High-precision radio-frequency guidance system helps the steering of the drill head, and slurry is used for flushing. The pilot drilling starts on the surface, the drilling assembly follows the planned path of the utility line, then reaches the surface in the end. When the drill head reaches its target, it is replaced by a back reamer with a diameter that corresponds to the outside diameter of the actual utility line. The hard polyethylene pipe is attached to the back reamer, then pulled through the enlarged pilot drilling hole. We use environment-friendly slurry for both the pilot drilling and the back reaming operations.

The drill head used for pilot drilling is equipped with a radio-frequency transmitter. This transmitter, and the receiver on the surface makes it possible to track the position of the drill head, and alter its course, if needed.

We undertake the horizontal directed drilling of 150-200 meterlong, hard polyethylene pipelines with a diameter ranging from Ø90 to Ø300 mm, up to25 mlaying depth.

A great advantage of this construction method is the unnecessity of drive shafts, and the possibility to lay multiple lines on the same path.

This technology can also be applied for the installation of deep drains for post-construction drainage, cellar drains, drilled drains, deep-drilled gravity dewatering systems, and the reconstruction of old utility lines.