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Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is a No-Dig process, to reconstruct of pipeline sections having inadequate transporting or load bearing capacity, or the rebuilding of collapsed circular pipes on their previous path possible, even in greater diameter than the existing one, without the need to open trenches.

Before construction we need to make a CCTV video survey to check the pipeline’s condition, and a geotechnical investigation to get proper information about the surrounding soil.

Two working shafts (either existing sewer manholes or shored working shafts) are needed for the construction. The old pipeline is reconstructed on the same path, with the same alignment, using stronger pipes with better hydraulic characteristics in the same or greater diameter.

If we have existing sewer manholes with a diameter of at least 1000 mm at our disposal, and the inner diameter of the reconstructable pipeline not more than 300 mm, the reconstruction can be executed using these sewer manholes.

If the size or condition of these sewer manholes renders them unusable for this purpose, we have to build shored working shafts. These shafts are fit for the deployment of larger machinery, suitable for the bursting of damaged pipelines with an inner diameter larger than300 mm.

Pipe bursting technology disrupts the soil environment and obstructs surface traffic only on a minimal scale. It’s application does not depend on the weather; can be applied even during the winter season. This technology is slightly faster and therefore more economical than the open cut method.

The reconstruction of a 100 m long pipeline section with an inside diameter of more than 400 mm takes four days, while an 50 mlong section with a diameter of less than 300 mm   is finished only in two days, counted from the completion of the shored working  shafts – if needed. Dewatering of the area in question is not necessary – except for the working shafts.

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