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Retaining wall – Slope stabilization

The Sycons Ltd. deals with the planning and construction of various types of retaining walls, built quickly and economically, perfectly blending into the environment.

One of the most serious problems that can cause the failure of a slope, river wall or retaining wall is the total saturation of failure zones. That usually happens, when subsurface waters coming from the hillside are not collected and led away. The saturated backfill loses its stability, the retaining wall, or slope collapses. By forming a gravel filter layer, functioning as interface between the backfill and the retaining wall we can handle this problem perfectly. This filter layer collects subsurface waters, that can be led to a receiver through drain tubes.

In case of retaining wall is higher than2 m, we always apply geogrids for backfill-reinforcement. In every 70-90 cma single geogrid layer is installed, which reaches in between the structural elements of the retaining wall, connecting it to the reinforced backfill, creating a compound structure (reinforced earth).

In case of higher retaining walls, continuous waterflow or limited backfill depth, we apply drilled-grouted soil anchors for further support, with reinforced concrete beams at the anchor heads (on the visible surface) helping load distribution. They don’t just stabilize the soil mass behind the backfill, with the geogrid layers reaching in behind the beams they take part in the load-bearing of the backfill and the retaining wall as well.

The compound structure of retaining wall (with gaps for plants) and backfill is safe, and easily constructable in a short time. According to today’s knowledge it is the most economical solution for stabilization practice in Hungary.

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