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Customer and client satisfaction, as well as a harmonious relation with our direct and larger environment are long-term interests of the management and employees of SYCONS Kft.

The sustainable behavior and its continuous development are in line with our quality and competitivity development and market position enhancement objectives.

Therefore, the objective of the company is to execute eco-friendly, high-quality underground works, and the related main contractor and technical consultancy tasks.

In order to reach these goals, we implement the following commitments:

  • By implementing a quality and environment management system, we ensure continuous quality development of our services and we respect the environment.
  • We ensure that all our coworkers, both employees and contractors, understand and respect the quality and environment management policy of SYCONS Kft.
  • We motivate our colleagues, and we enhance our quality level by continuously developing their knowledge. We pay particular attention to the quality management and environment protection aspects, to comply with our customers’ and clients’ requirements as well as the standards EN ISO 9001:2005 and EN ISO 14001:2015.
  • We continuously develop our company’s quality and environment management system.
  • By implementing a sustainable operating system, and continuously decreasing our environmental footprint, we actively participate in environment protection and pollution prevention.
  • We respect all legal requirements that apply for our activities.
  • We maintain a clean and esthetic working environment.
  • We define our quality and environmental requirements towards our suppliers, and we strive to select suppliers who comply with these requirements.
  • We continuously inform the interested parties and the public about our quality and environment management policies and our achieved results.
  • We define our environmental and quality objectives in accordance with our policy.
  • We continuously review, and if necessary, update the content of our quality and environment policy.

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