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Groundwater lowering - deep well dewatering

If vacuum dewatering is not sufficient to ensure the required dewatering level (because of soils with high water permeability or high quantities of groundwater supply), our deep well dewatering technology offers an economic solution for temporary groundwater lowering, with the following conditions:

  • Soils with high water permeability:
    • sand
    • coarse sand
    • sandy gravel
    • in case of cobbly soils or soil layers, and
  • in case of “sandwich” structure of these soils,
  • the depth to be dewatered is relatively important, and
  • water supply of the area to be dewatered is high.

Structural construction of deep wells

Deep wells are filter wells constructed with gravel filter body of a diameter between 600 and 1400 mm, their diameter is between 400 and 600 mm, equipped with a filter surface of an appropriate length. The distance between them is generally 5-25 m. Heavy duty pumps equipped with level control automatics are installed in the wells, connected to an evacuating collector system. In the adjacent wells, the uppermost point of the depression cone formed due to the dewatering activity is the maximum level of the drained groundwater.

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Deep well dewatering references